Back sofa bed inside a 2005 Sportsmobile Ford Econoline camper van rental in oregon

There Is No Greater Joy Than To Have An Endlessly Changing Horizon…

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always dreamt of road tripping in camper van. I know most kids dream about Disneyland but just the thought of having an open road with anywhere I wanted to go fascinated me. The joy of waking up and hitting the road before the sun comes up sounded magical and it was something I wanted to experience at least once in my life.

Winter Morning - ROAMERICA Campervan

Oregon had been on my list for a very long time, it seemed like only the young and adventurous travellers made it out there. So, of course I had to make it happen. I knew there was only one way to see this enchanted place and that was with a camper van. I find so much joy in road trips and I rent some sort of transport in almost every city I have ever been to. Whether it be a car, scooter or an ATV, you name it, I’ve had it. Campervan life on the other hand, I had never experienced and I knew it was about time.

Relaxing Breakfast in a ROAMERICA Campervan
When seeing Echo (our campervan) for the first time I was a little intimidated as it was double my size! This feeling faded quickly after taking it for a test drive. It is actually easier to drive than a regular car as you are up higher and everyone lets you go first because you are much bigger than them. (That was a plus!) Echo had everything a two-person team needs, from a dining room that turns into a bedroom, to a fridge and more storage than we even knew what to do with. Echo was perfect! If you don’t feel like roughing it out, Echo has power outlets and a microwave when you plug the van into a power source. We skipped that part as the stove top was all we needed!! So, after a pickup from the airport, a few amazing restaurant recommendations and a little tour of the van from Gretchen (One of the awesome owners at ROAMERICA) off we went!!

Joy of Oregon Road Trip - ROAMERICA Campervan
The more days we had Echo the happier we were with our decision to see Oregon with a camper van. Besides having the best views to wake up to, we never had to worry about having to be at a specific place for a certain time. We literally drove for as long as we wanted and stayed in one spot until we wanted to move on and off we went! No worrying about hotel bookings, rushing to a certain city for a certain date, or lugging all of our clothes and belongings in and out of hotels/Airbnb’s every night. Just joy; We felt so free to do what we wanted, whenever we wanted and that was probably the BEST part of living in our campervan!!

Some of my favourite moments would have to be our spur of the moment detours down dirt roads in Willamette National Park and catching Mount Washington on a clear day. I loved the fact that we could just stop and enjoy the scenery while cooking spaghetti instead of having to drive to a nearby city to look for a restaurant. These are the small moments of joy that we will cherish the most and is one of the main reasons why renting a campervan with ROAMERICA will be at the top of my list for any road trips in the future!! Thank you ROAMERICA for giving us an Epic experience in one of the most beautiful places we have ever been!

Exploring Oregon Forests - ROAMERICA Campervan

Words and Photos by @Melstraveldiary

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