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Portland, Or engagement in a campervan


Portland, Or engagement in a campervanWhat a way to end the year! We all know that 2020 technically has not been the best year. Nonetheless, we want to end on a positive note because we’ve had a lot of amazing things happen this year. The result, we had a year filled with surprises and joy. Here is just one of those stories! Enjoy!

The Planning

Lizzy contacted us about a campervan rental for her and her girlfriend, for a weekend getaway from the city. The more we chatted with Lizzy about her trip, the more we learned how special this trip was for her. She‘d be proposing to her girlfriend, Rachel.

The Decorating

Lizzy and Rachel were flying in from out of state but Lizzy wanted to make sure all the details were right. First, she called on her best friends who live in Portland to come decorate the van with fairy lights, special photos and secondly, we added some champagne!

After that, we took the next hour to make sure all the decorations were just right. Lastly, we drove their decked out van over to Blue Lake Park, a much more scenic place to propose rather than our office parking lot 😉. We helped coordinate with her on van decorations, van pick up location and even an engagement photo shoot!

The Proposal

It was so special to be a small part of this big memory! After they picked up their van, they drove to another park where Rachel’s family was waiting to surprise her! They all knew that Lizzy was proposing that day, so it was another big surprise for Rachel to see them. After the year they had with Covid and not being able to see family and friends, this was a really special way to end their year. Above all, now they have something really amazing to look forward to and start to plan!

Portland, Or engagement in a campervan

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