Rent a Campervan For The Ultimate Adventure

Searching for a campervan rental in Portland, Oregon? Well, you came to the right place. ROAMERICA offers campervan rentals for adventure travelers, seeking a convenient and simple way to explore the Pacific Northwest and beyond.


Oregon and Beyond

ROAMERICA is an outdoor specialist in campervan rentals. We are located in Portland, Oregon and offer airport pick at no additional cost. The Pacific Northwest (PNW) region has so much to offer but don’t feel limited to stay in Oregon. Get out and explore! You are free to tour the entire United States and Canada in your camper van rental. We have the best Sportsmobile campervans for any adventure including mountain biking, surfing, fly fishing, backpacking…you get the idea!


What is a Sportsmobile?

Sportsmobile has always specialized in the conversion of vans. To the best of our knowledge, they are the oldest van conversion company in the U.S.
“My wife and I enjoyed a long weekend of “roughin’ it” ROAM style! Our first time in a Sportsmobile van – the combination of full-length pop-top headroom, great tires and V8 power, and a ruins-all-other-forms-of-camping thermostat kinda blew us away. We’ve done plenty of car camping before, just not quite like this.” – Joey D.


RV Rental Alternative

Our campervans are different from your typical RV. A typical RV is larger, difficult to get on the highway and hard to park, even in a Walmart parking lot. Additionally, an RV is very challenging to drive. Our campervans are anything but difficult to drive and can go everywhere, including rocky and difficult terrains. We have campervans outfitted with a “pop-up” rooftop which is raised when stationary, giving you 6’8″ of standing room inside the van. ROAMERICA vans sleeps and seats 4 adults comfortably or a family of 5 with young children.


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House Battery vs Van Battery

Our campervans have interior lights, kitchen with a refrigerator, sink with running water and a propane stove. The house battery powers these items and propane is used for the stove and heater. Don’t worry about finding a power hookup, the house battery charges when the van is running. ROAMERICA vans also have 120v outlets for charging your phone or laptop which work when the van is connected to shore power. This encourages disconnecting from technology while on your adventure. If you need the outlets, just plug the electrical cord from the van to a standard 110v outlet.


Only the Best Gear is Included

All our vehicles are equipped with what you’ll need to be comfortable and safe on your trip. If you need something and don’t see it on the list, just let us know and we will see if we can get it for you. Our campervans come stocked with numerous goodies. Every ROAMERICA rental campervan has Rumpl Blankets, Brew Dr. Kombucha, Field Trip Jerky, Helinox Camp Chairs and Teton Camp Pillows. We likewise provide other accessories, for example, camp table, bedding, cooking items & so much more.


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Choose Your Adventure

From mountain biking, visiting hills and lakes or relaxing on the shoreline. At ROAMERICA, we endeavour to make your well-deserved roaming stress free and full of adventure. Break free from dragging bags from your vehicle (parked at costly airport parking), through ‘hurry up and wait’ terminals, for budget airways to crush you in a plane! Your vacation begins when you turn the key, you choose where to go – home is where you park it!


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