10 Signs an RV Camping Trip is For You

If you’re ready for one of the greatest adventures of your life, a RV camping trip might just be for you. Imagine having the freedom to travel wherever you want, whenever you want. Imagine waking up to the perfect powder day and getting in line for first chair. Imagine waking up to stunning vistas after a restful night’s sleep. If you identify with even one of these 10 signs, then a RV camping trip just might be the perfect next vacation for you and your family. Now remember, our camper vans are registered as Class B RVs which is why we sometimes refer to them as an RV but also remember they are not your typical RV!

1. You’re always planning your next getaway.

Renting a campervan opens up all the possibilities for a vacation. Wake up in the morning and feel like brunching on pancakes in the mountains? Go for it. And if the next day you feel like heading out for one of those iconic Pacific Northwest whale-watching excursions? Hit the road and head for the coast.

PNW Campervan Road Trip

Photo by @kingtv

2. You prefer a nice, clean river to a shower any day.

If you find yourself not missing the comfort of your shower or bathtub, or if you’re just in need of a dose of nature and a respite from your normal lifestyle, then a campervan might be the perfect way to get away from it all. Sometimes, a refreshing dip in a fresh lake or river is really all you need.

3. You wish you didn’t have to pick out your clothes every day.

Is that business casual attire getting you down? Leave the work duds at home, and grab your activewear and warm layers for days spent on the trail and nights spent around a campfire and under the stars. You won’t need anything fancier than a beanie and some warm socks.

4.You love photographing every place that you go.

A campervan, and particularly ROAMERICA’s 4×4 Sportsmobiles, can take you places that your passenger car could never go. So, go out and find that perfect sunrise shot over looking the Pacific Ocean or climb to the top of that waterfall for a snapshot of the old growth forest.

camping off the grid in Oregon

5. You really took that “simplifying” trend to heart.

There isn’t much room for overpacking in a campervan and plus we stock the van for you. Pack only your clothes, and leave behind those items that you barely even use at home.

6. You’d always rather be outside than inside.

Traveling in a campervan allows you to spend maximum time in the outdoors. You’ll find yourself on the beach, in the forest, and on the mountain more than indoors on this vacation.

7. You enjoy the challenge of cooking without an oven.

If you’ve always wanted to master those ultimate camping recipes, now is your chance. A cookstove, a campfire, and some compact kitchen utensils are all you really need to make the gourmet meal of your dreams.

cooking in a campervan

Photo by @therovingdears

8. You love finding those hidden gem destinations.

If you’re an off-the-beaten track type of traveler, there’s no better way to explore the Pacific Northwest’s roads less traveled than by campervan. You’ll find your next favorite hiking trail, the best ice cream you’ve ever tasted, and that backcountry ski line that makes your heart soar.

9. You’ve already got the ultimate road trip playlist.

One of the best parts about traveling in a campervan is that it combines all of the fun of a road trip with all of the comforts of car camping. Get those playlists and podcasts ready, we’re heading out on the ultimate Pacific Northwest road trip!

10. You’re ready to explore like a local.

Avoid the crowds and the most well-trodden destinations and trade them in for winding mountain roads, picturesque small towns, and local bakeries with mouth-watering treats. Pick a spot on the map and hit the road because when you go out on an RV camping trip, you’ll be there sooner rather than later.

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