Exterior shot of front side of Ford Transit Campervan with Mt. Hood in background built by Axis Vehicle Outfitters in Portland, Oregon

Introducing Axis Vehicle Outfitters

We have been building our own vans for a while so…..we’re excited to introduce our latest venture to you all, Axis Vehicle Outfitters.

The primary focus of Axis Vehicle Outfitters is to bring simple, durable, high quality, easy to maintain van builds to the market to get more people out adventuring. We focus on very reliable platforms with versatile layouts that are affordable to start with, and can be added onto if and when the owner desires.

The Axis Vehicle Outfitter's fleet includes 4wd Ford Econolines and 2wd Ford Transits and 4wd Ford Transit camper vans for rent and for saleWe started Axis Vehicle Outfitters because we needed more vans to rent, and the 12 month waiting period and 6 figure price tag was a hard pill to swallow. We needed simple and durable. We needed 2 beds, a versatile layout and crazy durability because, well, it’s a rental.  The solution to that problem was to build our own. After a few years of building vans for our own rental fleet, we realized that there was a bigger need for this kind of van.

Our philosophy with vans stems from how we use our own van. We drive on a lot of dirt roads, we don’t have a ton of time to tinker and spend on maintenance, we have 2 kids and 2 dogs, we have a lot of gear and always want to bring it all, we just want to spend as much time outside as possible and our van is our daily driver. So when building vans for others, we keep all this in mind and help guide the owner to what will work best for them.

We know that our van will not fit the desires of every person but for the outdoorsman who is looking for shelter and a means to extend their seasons of play as well as for the family that needs to run around town and go to the mountain and camp, we feel we hit the mark.

Why are our vans better? They’re not, they’re just different. We are just focusing on different things such as simplicity, durability and versatility.

Please check out Axis Vehicle Outfitter’s website for more information on van builds and services.

As always, you can reach out via phone or email with any questions.

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