Free Campervan Trips

The last few months have been a bit of a roller coaster, as we are sure you all have been on as well. Back in early March, we found ourselves getting really stressed out and talking about “us and the business” a lot. Then Taylor and I had a moment, a moment of clarity. We have an amazing team, loyal customers, and incredible support from our community—and we have something to offer in this time of need, hope, positivity, and VANS!

Taylor and I decided to focus our energy on something positive. We decided to change our mindset. Starting April 1, we started giving away free van trips because we need something positive to focus on and find a way we could help.

Most importantly, you cannot sign yourself up, you must nominate someone. Think of the single father or mother that is missing work because school is closed. Think of the family that lost a loved one to COVID-19. Think about those kids out their, home from school helping their parents and neighbors out or the kids that can’t be with their families right now. Nominate the person who worked countless nights as a nurse trying to bring comfort to a patient. This is about community, and giving what you can. This is about the therapeutic benefits of nature.

The trips will only be available once it is safe to travel again.

All vans have 5 seat belts and 2 beds, comes with all the gear and 125 miles per night. Please note, you must be 25+ years old to drive.


Sign up and nominate someone below. Please do not put their contact information in the form. Please put your own. Thank you!

  • Please tell us a little about the person or family that you'd like to nominate.

As Seen on News Channel 8!

Steve Redlin from News Channel 8 - KGW was kind enough to come our to our shop on July 6th to chat about free campervan trip! Check it out below!
Free camper van trip for those affected by Covid-19 in Portland, Oregon

Woohoo, we have our first kiddo winner!!! Today’s winner of a campervan trip deserves some extras thanks and celebration. Caroline’s mom describes her as “the most grounded, happy-go-lucky and giving human you’ll ever have the opportunity to meet.” We were able to FaceTime with Caroline and her mom thing morning and we 100% agree. Caroline has been going out of her way the last 8 weeks to help her family. She makes 100’s of calls a day to state’s employment offices, helping get her mom’s month old unemployment claim started. She helps her brother by taking over his chores so he can play, she paints love rocks and hides them throughout her neighborhood hoping to bring a smile to a stranger’s face. These are just a couple of examples of how Caroline has gone above and beyond these last couple of months.
When Caroline was younger, she found healing in the outdoors – forests, trails, rivers and mountains. Time in the outdoors helps her heal from medical complications from a young age and life experiences she’s tackled as a young kid. She even jumped at the chance in January to join the 52 Hike Challenge and completed 11 hikes (all 3-5 miles long) before the Stay Home, Stay Safe order was issued.
We can’t say enough amazing things about this young woman. She truly is an inspiration.

Free camper van trip for those affected by Covid-19 in Portland, Oregon

Our latest free campervan road-trip giveaway goes to Lt. Col. Rob Marshall. Lt. Col. Marshall is the Program Director for Character and Leadership Development at the US Air Force Academy building an outdoor education/nature-based resiliency program for our budding Military force. His contract was set to end in summer, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic turned his world upside down. With classes still in session his main effort is mental health during a time like this. Already hit with 2 suspected student suicides Rob has made efforts in the face of adversity to tackle the mental state of students on campus. Rob was able to look to the outdoors. With his efforts plus others on campus they were able to immediately get students on bike rides, running, on a horse, and sitting by a fire pit. This brought back a sense of normality which was much needed and will still be a major step in the health of students. We hope this outdoor road-trip will allow Rob to settle down to recharge his batteries. We thank you for your service and are stoked to get you on the open road to adventure!

Free camper van trip for those affected by Covid-19 in Portland, Oregon

This week’s campervan trip goes to Christine of Hood River, Oregon! Christine and her husband own a local jewelry store Chemistry Jewelry in town. Christine and her family are huge part of the community, spending time away from work volunteering at local charity events and helping to promote local mom and pop businesses in the area. We hope this campervan road trip will be something to look forward to once its save to travel and allow some quality time in the outdoors with your family to recharge and rejuvenate!

Free camper van trip for those affected by Covid-19 in Portland, Oregon

Congratulations to Jane (@seejanerun_for_ms) from Pittsburgh, PA! You’re going on a free van trip! Her sister and soon to be brother in law nominated her. “Jane’s incredibly selfless efforts to help millions of people effected by Multiple Sclerosis have been impacted by Covid-19. Jane’s sister, Madi, was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis when she was only 24 years old. Jane supported Madi by attending her chemo treatments and doctors appointments, but still felt helpless. So, in September 2019, Jane surprised Madi by applying for MS Run the US when she was only 24 to honor the fact that Madi was diagnosed at 24. She was then accepted to participate in MS Run the US as one of only 19 participants. @msruntheus is a relay across America starting in California and ending in New York. Jane was chosen to run leg 10 of the race across Nebraska in June, which required she run 6 marathons in 6 days (162 miles!!) before passing on the baton to the next runner. However, covid-19 has prevented the runners from running the routes they originally planned. Instead, Jane will be running her 6 marathons in her hometown of Pittsburgh, PA in July without the help of the MS Run the US team (they can’t send employees to work the van where runners sleep and get physical therapy). Even though Jane has been deprived of her run through Nebraska she has been resilient and persistent. She has raised $10,475 ($475 more than her goal) to go towards research to find a cure for MS!” We are so honored to get to meet Jane hopefully later this year. She plans to come visit and run the Ultra Marathon here in Oregon. Thank you Jane for raising awareness and over $10k for MS. You are absolutely incredible!


Free camper van trip for those affected by Covid-19 in Portland, Oregon

We’re excited to announce today’s van trip winner. This nomination made my heart sink and sing. “With all sincerity, the person I nominate is my wife. She is a night nurse at an elderly and mental health facility. Parts of her facility has been converted and dedicated to a COVID wing. She’s working extra shifts, getting tested for COVID weekly, and has even been bitten by a COVID-Positive patient and somehow didn’t contract COVID. I lost my job, and have been taking care of our one year old. I nominate her because this offers her an escape, some dedicated time away from this madness. Yes, her daughter and I will go with her. Someone has to drive, and give her unconditional love while she’s relaxing.” How amazing is this team? You can just feel the love around this family.

Our 1st van trip goes to an extremely deserving nurse from Legacy Hospital. Adam is working 2 jobs, a student, husband & father. Some therapeutic camp time is heading your way and is well deserved. Adam, we very much look forward to meeting you. Stay safe & thank you for sacrificing and doing what you do!

Free camper van trip for those affected by Covid-19 in Portland, Oregon

This week’s van trip goes out to Michele & Andrew from Washington. Andrew is an adoption attorney with the Children’s Law Center of Washington, a non-profit legal clinic providing permanence for Washington’s orphaned and vulnerable children. Their mission “All kids deserve a permanent family. Legal fees can be a barrier to permanence.”
Michele is the president and COO of an org called @1millionhome. 1 Million Home is on a mission to transform 5,000 orphanages into family reunification centers to bring 1 million children home.

Andrew’s brother nominated Michele and Andrew and expressed just how hard working they are and such great parents to their 3 kiddos! Working from home isn’t easy especially with kids but it sounds like they are just taking it in stride.
We’re excited to say thank you in person! What Andrew and Michele do is so important and a lot of time not recognized. Well, we hope this gives you a little smile on your face. You all are very deserving of some outdoor time with your family! Thank you for all you do!

Free camper van trip for those affected by Covid-19 in Portland, Oregon

This week’s van trip goes to Sara and her family. Sara and her son both were diagnosed with Covid-19 and thankfully after a long battle are on the mend. Sara has suffered from lung issues her entire life, so was especially as risk yet she didn’t stop helping others. She is a nurse who was putting her own life at risk in order to help others. We hope this gives her and her family something to look forward to once it’s safe to travel. THANK YOU SARA FOR ALL YOUR EFFORTS!

Free camper van trip for those affected by Covid-19 in Portland, Oregon

Congratulations to Ava (@coasting4covid)! You have won a road trip for being so kind, ambitious and generous during this trying time.  Everyone – you need to check out what Ava is doing. Check out her website to learn more: Ava is 13 years old and while in the midst of being quarantined – “and bored out of my mind – I had an audacious idea. What if I could ride from one end of Oregon – Astoria – to the other – Brookings – on an electric skateboard, while raising money for families that have been affected by COVID-19. With the conditions our world, country, and state are in I want to do something to give back. This is really important to me because when my Dad lost his job a few years back, I knew what it was like not knowing if food was going to be on the table or wondering if the power was going to get shut off. I know that parents work their tail off to support their family’s and right now that might be hard to do if they were laid off because of COVID. I no longer have to go through that but seeing others go through it makes me truly realize how fragile lives are and I want to do my best to help.”
We were able to FaceTime with Ava and her dad, David a few weeks ago and we are just so excited to get to meet them in person. Giving away these free van trips to amazing people like Ava is truly a pretty incredible experience.

Free camper van trip for those affected by Covid-19 in Portland, Oregon

This week’s van trip goes to Kathryn! Kathryn is from Astoria, Queens. Kathryn’s dad nominated her saying ‘Kathryn has been the strong one in the family, mature well beyond her years. During these trying times, it would be great for her to have something like this to look forward to. Kathryn’s dad went on to say many kind words, describing her as someone always giving back and concerned about others. Well, it is time for us all to thank Kathryn for taking care of others and staying positive. Your trip is well deserved! We look forward to meeting her and hope she brings her dad!