4wd Ford Econoline Sportsmobile Campervan

Free Campervan Trips

we hope this brings some light in a very difficult time for us all. Free Campervan Trips.

Free Campervan Trips

The last couple of months have been a bit of a roller coaster, as we are sure you all have been on as well. Back in early March, we found ourselves getting really stressed out and talking about “us and the business” a lot this last week. Then Taylor and I had a moment, a moment of clarity. We have an amazing team, loyal customers, and incredible support from our community—and we have something to offer in this time of need, hope, positivity, and VANS!

Taylor and I decided to focus our energy on something positive. We decided to change our mindset. Starting April 1, we started giving away a free van trip EVERY WEEK because we need something positive to focus on and find a way we could help.

Most importantly, you cannot sign yourself up, you must nominate someone. Think of the single father or mother that is missing work because school is closed. Think of the family that lost a loved one to COVID-19. Think about those kids out their, home from school helping. their parents and neighbors out or the kids that can’t be with their families right now. Nominate the person who worked countless nights as a nurse trying to bring comfort to a patient. This is about community, and giving what you can, even though we are all losing a lot. This is about the therapeutic benefits of nature.

The trips will only be available once it is safe to travel again so we do not add fuel to the fire.

All vans have 5 seat belts and 2 beds, comes with all the gear and 125 miles per night. Please note, you must be 25+ years old to drive.


Sign up and nominate someone below. Please do not put their contact information in the form. Please put your own. Thank you!

  • Please tell us a little about the person or family that you'd like to nominate.


Our 1st van trip goes to an extremely deserving nurse from Legacy Hospital. Adam is working 2 jobs, a student, husband & father. Some therapeutic camp time is heading your way and is well deserved. Adam, we very much look forward to meeting you. Stay safe & thank you for sacrificing and doing what you do!

Free camper van trip for those affected by Covid-19 in Portland, Oregon

This week’s van trip goes to Sara and her family. Sara and her son both were diagnosed with Covid-19 and thankfully after a long battle are on the mend. Sara has suffered from lung issues her entire life, so was especially as risk yet she didn’t stop helping others. She is a nurse who was putting her own life at risk in order to help others. We hope this gives her and her family something to look forward to once it’s safe to travel. THANK YOU SARA FOR ALL YOUR EFFORTS!

Free camper van trip for those affected by Covid-19 in Portland, Oregon

This week’s van trip goes to Kathryn! Kathryn is from Astoria, Queens. Kathryn’s dad nominated her saying ‘Kathryn has been the strong one in the family, mature well beyond her years. During these trying times, it would be great for her to have something like this to look forward to. Kathryn’s dad went on to say many kind words, describing her as someone always giving back and concerned about others. Well, it is time for us all to thank Kathryn for taking care of others and staying positive. Your trip is well deserved! We look forward to meeting her and hope she brings her dad!

Free camper van trip for those affected by Covid-19 in Portland, Oregon

This week’s campervan trip goes to Christine of Hood River, Oregon! Christine and her husband own a local jewelry store Chemistry Jewelry in town. Christine and her family are huge part of the community, spending time away from work volunteering at local charity events and helping to promote local mom and pop businesses in the area. We hope this campervan road trip will be something to look forward to once its save to travel and allow some quality time in the outdoors with your family to recharge and rejuvenate!