Effective Immediately – STAY HOME. As of Friday March 19th, we stopped all rentals until we have turned the corner on COVID 19 and it is safe to travel. We are taking requests for later dates and offering quotes to future customers. However, with the massive proliferation of the virus penetrating our society without any signs of letting up, this is a decision we hope you all will make. This is a time for all of us to do the right thing. Just because school is cancelled and the food service industry was ordered to close, does not mean it is time to be on vacation and visit our rural communities. We need to be smart about our movements, 1 infected individual visitng a small town can be catastrophic. They do not have the resources and we need to respect that. STAY IN YOUR TOWN. DO NOT GO TO THE COAST. DO NOT GO TO THE MOUNTAIN. YOU ARE NOT ON VACATION. Do the right thing. Protect your family, protect your community and protect others by STAYING HOME.

For updates on Covid-19, please visit the CDC or WHO websites.


We are not news addicts, but lately we have been glued to CNN, FOX, BBC, Oregon Live and any other media outlet for the latest information on COVID-19. Nothing but bad news. So we hope this brings some light in a very difficult time for us all. Free Campervan Trips. Starting April 1, we will be giving away a free van trip EVERY WEEK because we need something positive to focus on and find a way we could help.

Most importantly, you cannot sign yourself up, you must nominate someone. Think of the single father or mother that is missing work because school is closed. Think of the family that lost a loved one to COVID-19. Nominate the person who worked countless nights as a nurse trying to bring comfort to a patient. This is about community, and giving what you can, even though we are all losing a lot. This is about the therapeutic benefits of nature.

The trips will only be available once it is safe to travel again so we do not add fuel to the fire.