Our Partners

We want you to hit the road as soon as you’re behind the wheel, so we fully stock our campervans to negate any need of purchasing or renting gear. You’ll find everything you need to stay comfortable and safe on your trip, plus some fun extras like snacks and a bike rack.

Below are a list of our partners that help us create a memorable experience for you. We looked for the best products we could find in the Northwest, and love supporting our local companies. We hope you love them too!

We Make Sure Your Van is Ready for the Trails

Plan on hitting the bike trails? We’ve got you covered with a bike hitch rack from 1UP USA. All of their products are designed and built with one goal in mind – to make your cycling life better. Their unique “no hitch pin” design eliminates wobble to keep your bike(s) secure and give you peace of mind. Plus, you’re able to attach and unattach it to the van in as little as 10 seconds. Hassle free is the way to be.

Photos: @this.is.mike & @360mediaventures

We Make Sure You Have the Best

Primus has been a part of the outdoor industry for over a century, and while they are most known for their Swedish-engineered camping stove, they design and develop a whole range of innovative outdoor products. You’ll find Primus tumblers and mugs to keep your beer ice cold and your coffee or tea piping hot.

Photos: @thebeansandrice

We Make Sure You Don't Starve

Road trip snacks are notoriously unhealthy. The last thing we want you to do is reach a point of hanger and need to stop at a gas station for sustenance. Field Trip Jerky is is a gluten and nitrite free meat snack with no added MSG or preservatives. Packed with protein, this provision will keep your stomach satisfied until you reach your destination.

Photos: @yoriles & @this.is.mike

We Make Sure You're Fueled Up

Kombucha’s been having its moment for the last decade, and we hope it continues. We stock your campervan\’s fridge with Brew Dr., a local, organic kombucha company that cares just as much about their community and the planet as they do about making delicious refreshments. Brew Dr. is one of the first major companies to become a Certified B Corporation and is also a 1% for the planet member.

Photos: @this.is.mike

We Make Sure You're Comfortable

We partner with Big Agnes aka “The Mother of Comfort” because their products are top notch regarding durability. Case in point, our tents, sleeping pads and Helinox chairs haven’t needed to be replaced once!

Photos: @kolekrieger & @this.is.mike

We Make Sure You're Warm

Rumpl is a local company that create packable blankets inspired by nature. Crafted with modern materials and technologies, their ultra-lightweight blankets will keep you warm and cozy by the campfire and while you sleep.

Photos: @lisamoir_style & @kolekrieger

We Make Sure the Bugs Stay Out

It’s a warm summer night and you just want to keep the windows down and the door open for some air flow. But, the skeeters are coming in hot and you’re being eaten alive. We’ve been there. We’ve been using Skeeter Beaters screens for years on our own rig and thought you would enjoy them too. Keep the cool air flowing while keeping the skeeters and other pesky bugs out.
Get 10% their webstore off with promo code “ROAM10”.

Photos: @skeeterbeaters & @this.is.mike